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About the campus

The new elementary school in Uvalde CISD will be located near Leona and Fourth Street adjacent to Dalton Elementary. This will allow for both campuses to access the common spaces like the gymnasium, library, and playgrounds.

The new elementary school is anticipated to open Fall 2025.

The groundbreaking ceremony was in October 2023.

The Uvalde CISD Moving Forward Foundation does not have a role in the naming of the new school. Uvalde CISD plans to form a community advisory committee to make recommendations to the UCISD school board for the name of the new school.

Everything about the new school design is intentional. Students, teachers, families and community members have been part of the process every step of the way to ensure that this school represents the community it will serve. Researchers and specialists in trauma acted as consultants and have made impactful and meaningful input into the design and architecture. They came up with the three driving forces of the design process for the school:

    1. Brain research: How does the brain learn, process and recall information?
    2. Five phases of emergency management​: There’s more than just the hardening of schools.
    3. Trauma-informed care: Meeting the future occupants of the building where they are.

What does all of that mean?

    • Classrooms designed for focused, collaborative, and extended learning.
    • Collaboration spaces designed for collaborative and extended learning.
    • Library designed for focused and collaborative learning as well as play.
    • Interior Courtyard designed for collaborative and extended learning as well as play.
    • Outdoor Play Area designed for play.

The Trauma Informed Design Evaluation Tool for K-12 Schools is an evidence-based tool to facilitate interior design renovations and new builds of K-12 schools. It can be used to evaluate the physical space and identify changes that can lower the stress levels of students and staff.

    • Safety: both physical and psychological safety
    • Accessibility: removing environmental barriers
    • Biophilic: connecting with nature and living beings
    • Wayfinding: orientation and navigation
    • Inclusion: equal access leading to comfort and belonging for all
    • Visibility: safety + connection, understanding surroundings
    • Comfort: increase enjoyment and reduce stressors
    • Lighting: both natural and artificial lighting
    • Acoustics: balance the resonance of sound
    • Choice: autonomy and equitable access to the environment
    • Movement: enhance student development and reduce stress
    • Community: reflect, welcome, and celebrate all identities

Safety and security is one of our top priorities at the new campus. The Texas Education Agency School Facility Standards require communications infrastructure, access control, exterior door numbering, security cameras and visitor management. The new campus will create a safe but not institutional environment for our students.

Uvalde CISD elementary schools are divided into grade levels and most students in the district attend the same campus for that grade level. They all feed into the secondary campuses in the district. Robb Elementary served students in second through fourth grades. The new elementary school the Uvalde CISD Moving Forward Foundation is focused on building will serve second through fourth grade students. 

Currently, second through fourth graders are split between Uvalde Elementary (This was previously used for district administration) and Dalton Elementary (normally serves PreK-1st) until the new elementary school opens.

Current elementary schools in Uvalde CISD are: Dalton Elementary (PreK-2nd), Uvalde Elementary (3rd & 4th Grade), and Flores Elementary (5th & 6th Grade). These grade divisions reflect the inclusion of the grades currently displaced. 

Batesville School (PreK-7th Grade) and Uvalde CISD Dual Language Academy (PreK-6th) are the only two campuses that serve PK through sixth or seventh grades.

In November 2022, $15 million in state funds were allocated to Uvalde CISD to go toward the building of a new school. If additional state or any federal support is provided, those funds will be used in a way that will support the planning and construction of the school, including but not limited to infrastructure, safety & security, and other ancillary project needs.

About the organization

No, the Foundation is not directly affiliated with the school district. The Uvalde CISD Moving Forward Foundation is a separate 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable foundation created for the purpose of constructing a new elementary campus for Uvalde CISD and upon completion of the campus to support ongoing District needs as it moves forward from this tragedy. Students, teachers, families, community members and the district have been part of the process every step of the way to ensure that this school represents the community it will serve.

The Foundation will regularly update the public and donors about the progress through e-updates and /or through its website. As part of the process, the school district will work in tandem with the Uvalde CISD community, donors, and other stakeholders to solicit ideas and gather feedback for the project.

If you are interested in receiving email updates on the project, sign up here.

  • Charles Clines, Board President, Charles Butt Foundation
  • Brian Woods, Board Vice President, Northside ISD Superintendent
  • Beverly Powell, Board Secretary, Former Texas State Senator District 10
  • Mickey Gerdes, Board Treasurer, Southwest Underwriting Counsel and Uvalde High School Class of 1994
  • Luis Fernandez, Board Member, UCISD School Board President
  • Rodney Harris, Board Member, Harris County Commissioner
  • Amanda Hughes, Board Member, Executive Director, Friedkin Foundation, Uvalde CISD Graduate
  • Ashley Cholhis, Board Member, UCISD Superintendent
  • Tim Miller, Executive Director, Charles Butt Foundation

Donations made to Uvalde CISD Moving Forward Foundation will go directly to building the new elementary school in Uvalde. The Foundation will work with the District, community and donors to best direct any surplus funds to support Uvalde CISD’s needs.

H-E-B and the Butt family donated the first $10 million to the Uvalde CISD Moving Forward Foundation. We are so grateful for their generous donations but need additional donations in order to build the school.

A list of our partners can be found here. HEB & the Charles Butt Family, Huckabee, Inc. (waiving fees), Joeris Construction (waiving pre-construction fees), Satterfield & Pontikes Construction (discounting construction fees), The Meadows Foundation and Rainwater Charitable Foundation, as well as many others have donated generously to the Uvalde CISD Moving Forward Foundation and we are so grateful.

Many services and fees have been waived by our funding partners. The Charles Butt Foundation and other donors are covering all remaining overhead costs.

No. The Robb Elementary School building is closed and will no longer be used as a school.

All questions for the foundation can be submitted through our contact form.

About donating

Yes. All contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible. A receipt will be sent to the donor’s email or can be obtained through the donor dashboard. 

100 percent of funds collected through the foundation will go directly towards building the new elementary school. The Uvalde CISD Moving Forward Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation serving the Uvalde CISD community.

No. Donations made to Uvalde CISD Moving Forward Foundation will go directly to building the new elementary school in Uvalde. The Foundation will work with the District, community and donors to best direct any surplus funds to support Uvalde CISD’s needs.

Donations can be made through our online portal, check, or via wire transfer. To discuss other support opportunities, please contact us.

Donors can make all checks payable to the Uvalde CISD Moving Forward Foundation. Checks can be mailed to PO Box 106, Uvalde, TX 78802.

Electronic payments through your financial institution can be made to the Uvalde CISD Moving Forward Foundation.

Account number : 9447178

Routing number: 114902405

No. We are currently more than 65 percent of the way to fully funding the new elementary school. Donations are still being accepted.

Our Work

The Foundation is currently collecting funds to support the construction of a new elementary school campus in the Uvalde CISD.

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